New Years Eve will mark exactly two years since one of the most shameful episodes in recent European history, the sexual assault of approximately one thousand two hundred women by up to two thousand men in the square and adjoining streets outside Cologne Cathedral.  There was a mainstream media blackout because the rapists were men of Arab and/or North African origin, a great many of them part of the wave of economic migrants invited into not just Germany, but the European Union, by Angela Merkel.  Only when the news spread on the internet was any form of official recognition given and the feminist establishment tried to ignore the truth.  In his book The Strange Death of Europe, published this year, Douglas Murray has detailed these crimes and numerous similar sexual assaults carried out by fake ‘refugees’ under the guise of the ‘migrant crisis’.  Such sexual assaults, against children as well as women, by the fake ‘refugees’ have taken place in every European country whose government has admitted them; those governments having abdicated any sense of responsibility for protecting their nation’s citizens and indeed other immigrants who legally reside in their respective countries.

Whilst Murray’s book gives a reasonably comprehensive summary of how unrestricted immigration, without the consent of the indigenous majority, has led to the fragmentation of every Western European society, he waffles on about those societies suffering from ‘self-doubt’ and ‘guilt’, using certain nihilistic modern art and literature as examples to illustrate his point.  He ignores that a lot of 20th Century European art and literature was very good and not nihilistic.  The ‘self-doubt’ and ‘guilt’ that Murray writes about belong to the chattering classes to which he belongs, they don’t belong to most of the working or middle classes in these countries, who are content with living in a secular, post-religious, society.  Most know what they want and need for their respective countries: representative government; immigration kept down to a level that is economically and environmentally sustainable; for those immigrants to assimilate into the host country and respect its values and laws; and for immigrants who enter the country illegally – because they think that they are more important than those willing to use due process – to be deported (following completion of a prison sentence if they have committed crimes).

Murray’s book is also not without other faults, notably his quoting attitudes held by Muslims in Britain towards homosexuality, without stating whether Sikhs, Hindus or other faith groups may hold similar attitudes.  This is relevant in a British context because most Muslims are from a similar ethnic background in the Indian sub-continent to Sikhs and Hindus.  What if similar attitudes towards homosexuality exist among Sikhs and Hindus to those among Muslims?  And disapproval does not necessarily mean a desire to murder.  I wonder if Murray has been to Manchester where the Islamic Institute is next door to the Proud Trust (both being just off Oxford Road near MMU).  Nor does Murray examine whether any of the immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, who have entered Europe via Morocco, Tunisia or Libya come from a non-Muslim background; if so they may still be possessed with the same sense of entitlement towards taking any woman whom they want whenever they want, because their Third World cultural background has no concept of women possessing human rights.

Whilst it is true that ‘Europe’ is run by an arrogant, corrupt self-serving elite – Barnier, Junker, Tusk, Verhofstadt and numerous faceless others –  this in itself does not nullify the principle of a European Community of independent sovereign nations with mutual ties of trade, scientific research and environmental protection, i.e. what we used to have and what we can have again.  It will mean a total clearout of the elites, the priesthood of the political class; with direct democracy established as it should be from the bottom-up.   Whilst the immediate future does indeed look bleak, as the political caste and its media sycophants in Western Europe become ever further removed from the majority of the population in their respective countries, European laws, culture, civilisation and indeed the nations of Europe are not yet defeated.  Although Murray’s book offers little in the way of hope, being almost as nihilistic as the art and literature he criticises, genuine liberals need to fight back to defend our post-Enlightenment secular countries from the cultural relativism of those who insist that less developed cultures are equal to ours when they are not.

One final point is that the narcissistic feminist ‘Me Too’ movement, which has developed in the short time since Murray’s book was published, ignores that women are far better off in all post-Enlightenment ‘Western’ societies than anywhere else in the world.  Whilst seeking to criminalise all ‘Western’ males, to the point where trust between the sexes totally breaks down, ‘Me Too’ women should be careful what they wish for.  A real rape culture, imported from the Third World, awaits and ‘Western’ men, conditioned to have minimal contact with women, will just ignore their complaints.  Crying wolf has its consequences.

Anyway, that’s it for this blog, thanks for reading.


The Silence of the Fems

This month some adult male economic migrants, claiming to be ‘refugee children’, but who are neither, have been allowed to settle in the UK, having fled the ‘repression’ of France, a secular democracy.  If any of these ‘refugees’ were fleeing persecution then they could have claimed political asylum in France, or whichever European country or countries that they used to gain access to France.  Largely thanks to Angela Merkel’s policy of inviting anyone into the European Union – with her grandstanding as ‘Leader of Europe’ – in order to provide German businesses with an unlimited supply of cheap disposable labour, over the past year numerous women have fallen victim to sexual assaults by such migrants.

In so far as feminists have tackled this issue, they have descended into whataboutery, either squealing ‘racist’ at anyone who condemns the rapists, or blaming our ‘decadent’ culture for encouraging them; the excuse, feeble that it is, being that the migrants don’t understand that when a woman is dressed ‘immodestly’, ie showing more than her face, she is not encouraging their attention.  The truth is that these migrants are possessed with a sense of entitlement, which is not just materialistic but sexual; that is why so many rapes have been carried out by them.

Men of similar cultural background to these migrants, but who have spent their whole lives in the developed ‘decadent’ societies of Western Europe should know better; many however claim that they don’t.  These men are not necessarily Muslim by upbringing but their backgrounds are in those pre-industrial cultures where a girl is considered to be sexually mature when she reaches puberty, whence she must become fully covered to avoid the attention of men; and where she will be married off at an early age to become the possession of a man.

In Britain, there have been several cases of ‘grooming’ gangs of Pakistani and / or Somali background targeting underage girls, treating them as ‘white meat’ to be raped and traded.  The most infamous of these cases was in Rotherham and media attention outside of Britain on this issue has tended to focus on the post-industrial towns of Northern England.  But it is more widespread than this and it may surprise people outside Britain, that Oxford, that famous university city, has also become infamously associated with this ‘culture’ of rape.

In Oxford, a ‘grooming’ gang of Pakistani and Somali men raped more than three hundred girls who were in the care of Oxfordshire County Council’s Social Services Department.  This was finally uncovered by the Operation Bullfinch investigation.  A more recent report details that these offences went on as far back as 1999.  It is a difficult issue to approach without the risk of being accused of ‘virtue signalling’, something which two well-known feminists with Oxford connections have made a career out of, though they have avoided the subject mentioned above.  As I am a native of Oxfordshire then I am going to tackle it, ‘virtue signalling’ or not.

The first of these feminists is actress Emma Watson, who was educated at two Oxford private schools, the Dragon School and Headington School, before going to on to Oxford University (something which very few pupils from local state schools do).   Her privileged background is far removed from that of the rape victims failed by Social Services.  Earlier this year Emma Watson was challenged to spend a week with the migrants, for whom she campaigns, to prove how safe it would be for a young woman to do so.  Not surprisingly she has yet to take up the offer.

The second of the two is Caroline Lucas (pictured above), the Green Party’s one and only Member of Parliament (for Brighton Pavilion, about a hundred miles from Oxford).  Caroline Lucas is one of the most prominent members of Britain’s Feminist Establishment, which she reinforced by her support for the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign to stop the sexual objectification, as she would see it, of young women by the evil Dirty Digger (Rupert Murdoch) to sell his smutty gossip rag (The Sun).  That the women who pose for such pictures do so of their own volition is presumably because they have been brainwashed by the patriarchy and are therefore unable to think for themselves.  It is a matter of conjecture whether such pictures influence men who due to their cultural backgrounds already believe that any woman or girl dressed ‘immodestly’ (ie showing more than her face) is a ‘slut’, or whether an 18 year-old dressed in nothing more than a pair of bikini bottoms will influence such men to rape a 13-year old.  Their cultural backgrounds mean that such men are conditioned to believe that when a girl reaches puberty she is sexually mature and sexually available to them.

You might think that Caroline Lucas would be willing to tackle this issue.  You might think that, not least because she started her political career on Oxfordshire County Council as the representative for the St Clements Ward in Oxford; so the ‘multicultural’ / ‘bohemian’ part of Oxford where the rapes took place is familiar to her (as it is to me, but I’m not a politician, let alone a feminist one).  Also, the Green Party supports the globalist agenda of unrestricted immigration, environmentally unsustainable though it is, so it deliberately turns a blind eye to the subordination of women and girls by an immigrant culture.  Caroline Lucas is not personally responsible for the failings of Oxfordshire County Council.  She had already left to get on the gravy train to Brussels before 1999, so it was no wonder she cried after the referendum result in June, but her silence is telling.  If she had an ounce of integrity she would address the issue of the cultural disposition of men from Pakistani and / or Somali backgrounds for raping underage girls; but she won’t.


A note about the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign is that feminists as a rule do not object to female nudity in the media, rather they object to the context, the working-class ‘white van man’ target audience.  If a woman appears naked in an arty-farty foreign language film or an elitist art house magazine targeted at a bourgeois audience, then that is ‘empowering’.  Ditto with all the narcissistic selfie queens that the internet has spawned; and with the idiotic ‘slutwalkers’, who never march through an area where women are expected, for cultural reasons, to be always fully covered.  Go figure.