Dream Home Heartache

In Huxley’s Brave New World there are no Alpha females, the highest grade of female is a Beta Minus and these consort with the Alpha and Alpha Plus males on the basis that everyone belongs to everyone else.  These Beta Minus females would gossip that Bernard Marx’s lower than average stature was due to stunted growth, a result of a mistake having been made during his embryonic gestation, so he shouldn’t really have been an Alpha.  Thus he had to try and overcompensate in other ways to attract these Beta Minus females.  This has always been the way of world for all short men to attract any women, so these short men are less likely to breed and hence their genes will be eliminated from the gene pool.  The Beta Males in Brave New World, as in the real world, are employed as technicians, the people who keep the economy going.  Presumably they are celibate and have been bred as such to be asexual.

In the real world, there are some men of such status who can’t see any other positives in life and they have taken to a collective sulk called Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW.  Aside from being the worst acronym since NWOBHM*, it is also based on an inherent contradiction, as going one’s own way is an individual lifestyle choice, which millions of women, as well as men, in developed countries have made, to remain single and childless.  It is part of a mature society where the obligation to get married and have children no longer exists.  Unfortunately the self-proclaimed MGTOW are all fake.  Their outlook is based on the falsehood that all women in ‘the West’ or ‘the Anglosphere’ are privileged, when only a minority – that just happens to include high-profile feminists  – are.  Hence on MGTOW blogs you can find such nonsense that all Anglo women are bitches, I’m going to get myself a submissive Latina and so on.  They’ll never admit that they really don’t want to go their own way, they just want what they can’t have.


MGTOW are a product of the internet and hence the generation that grew up with it.  They are essentially just another brand of snowflake, who talk macho even though they are not.  They resent paying taxes to educate other people’s children, because presumably they see those children as a future economic threat.  For my part, although I am single and childless, I am of an older generation, which was brought up with a sense of social responsibility, through which I benefitted from a taxpayer-funded education to tertiary level.  As such, I feel a moral responsibility to put back into the system what I took out of it; and more than that, to help finance the education of others for the greater good.  Granted, I am old enough and have sufficient qualifications and work experience to have a degree of economic security, including my own living space, long-since fully paid for.  Although MGTOW will never admit it, they are motivated by economic insecurity, which they have projected onto women, all women, even the millions of women in low-paid dead-end jobs, whose lives they conveniently ignore.

* = New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (obviously not the gentlemen in the picture above)