Days In Europa

Yes ladies, you too can swim and work out at the gym with the Alt-Right.  Watch this without subtitles and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was an advert for tampons or deodorant.  Good-looking women having fun, some fulfilling the stereotype, long held by others about their country, even if it is best known for Abba, Volvos and Ikea.

This pride in national identity is a reaction to the European Union which has tried to crush it, replacing it with a pan-European political identity, complete with flag, anthem and (unelected) president.  If people throughout Europe are told that they are no longer allowed to possess a national identity, to take pride in the history and achievements of their respective countries and that their respective national parliaments are diminishing in influence then what does that leave them to fall back on?

One answer is ethnicity, hence the rise of the Alt-Right, which is peddling a pan-European ethnic identity.  I’ll admit that I like watching this video, what normal bloke wouldn’t?  But I am quite aware of what political message it is pushing; and that broadly speaking the Alt-Right in the USA are promoting Scandinavian heritage because of its supposed ‘purity’.