Welcome to my new blog, although I haven’t yet decided what to put on it, what layout it should have etc (at present it just has the bog-standard 2016 template).  This is not the first WordPress blog that I have had, but it is the first where I have had a more detailed look at the functionality before starting it.  Although WordPress is a good blogging platform – and it is free after all – it does have some flaws, in that whilst comments can be subject to moderation, ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ cannot.  So it is possible that trolls can ‘like’ a post in order to get their gravatar to appear on the blog or ‘follow’ a user in the hope that the user reciprocates.  I have found such etiquette issues discussed in an old post in the user forum:

I don’t mind getting ‘likes’ from other bona fide bloggers, but I find them annoying when they are from joke, troll or spam accounts.  If WordPress allowed the functionality, which it doesn’t, I’d delete them.  Unwanted ‘followers’ can be removed, although there is nothing to stop them setting up another ID, unwanted ‘likes’ can’t; so as far as this blog is concerned, any ‘likes’ given to posts in the ‘Reader’ function may not appear on the blog itself, either to posts or comments.  By all means ‘like’ any post, if it is genuine I should take it as a complement, but your gravatar may not appear on the blog.  Finally, if comments go unmoderated for a while, I am not deliberately ignoring them, it is just that I shan’t be logging onto this every day or even every week for that matter; but please note that I shall only publish comments from established bona fide WordPress bloggers, not from troll accounts.