Kippers for Brexit


Could we have Kippers for Brexit, Mommy dear, Mommy dear?  So what is the point of the United Kingdom Independence Party?  To preserve one political union to the exclusion of another; and it appears in the case of Farage, the ‘Brexit Leader’ according to Fox News, to be the Donald’s favourite pet Limey, whilst Nige revels in the flattery.  Farage is UKIP and UKIP is Farage, a man who would be happy to jump ship and bugger off to the USA for good.  Trump’s aide Wilbur Ross has at least come clean that for the USA, its own interests come before the so-called ‘special relationship’.  So far, there has been no comment from the Trumpkin Alt-Right gobshites in Twitterland about this.  I am not in the least surprised by Ross’ comments or the Alt-Right’s silence.  As for UKIP, I have no time for them, I am British, not ‘UK-ish’; the sooner Britain becomes a republic the better.  I am no doubt in a minority in the latter view, but the assumption that voting ‘Leave’ makes one a lover of the monarchy or the rest of the British establishment needs to be put to rest.

It should be clear by now that ‘Leave’ voters have been played and betrayed by the political establishment, which includes the former commodities broker from ‘The City’ pictured above; and what is worse is that the vast majority of us are old enough to have sensed all along that this would happen.  The stereotypical ‘Leaver’ is working-class, in the true working sense of the word, politically Labour-inclined but socially conservative; white, middle-aged (forty-something or fifty-something) and male; heteronormative, cis-gender, to use the language of the diversity brigade.  We are the people whose work and taxes are the mainstay of the economy, whilst we are held in contempt by pundits and luvvies in the mainstream media, who caricature us as ‘xenophobes’ when most of us are nothing of the sort, being well-travelled within our own country – for employment as well as leisure – and abroad.  Amongst this peer group, irrespective of profession or vocation, whether employed or self-employed, it is clear that we have all been fools.

So what now?  I am annoyed at myself, less for having voted ‘Leave’ than for having bothered to vote at all and having deluded myself that for the first time in my life my vote actually mattered.  I was foolish enough to fall for groupthink laced with hope and belief.  I am not going to rebel and I doubt that any of my peer group will either.  Angry white middle-aged men don’t, do they?  What exactly could they (we) do?  Nothing, except disengage completely from the political process knowing as we have always known, that most politicians are liars, thieves, charlatans or worse.  We’ll carry on working, paying our taxes, trying to save for a pension; and for those with children, trying to secure their future.  And that really will be it.  Politicians will continue to play platitudes, the wheels will carry on turning and nothing will change.  Except that we are now heading for a long period of economic uncertainty, with a clueless and divided government running, or not as is more appropriate, the country, which is drifting on the currents like a rudderless ship.