From Fred Goodwin to another of Alex Salmond’s former pals – he knows how to pick ’em – I found this interesting article from last year on the Guardian website (which, granted you would expect to run an anti-Trump story), about the Donald’s golf course and related development in Alex’s constituency.  It’s interesting that Salmond, who would like to see Scotland divorced from the rest of the UK (and hence the end of the UK itself), supported the UK supreme court’s decision to reject Trump’s opposition to a local wind farm.  It should also be evident that Trump will only play on his Scottish roots when it benefits his business empire and if that means running roughshod over local people then so be it.  Trump is a ruthless businessman above all else and if he weren’t, he wouldn’t be the billionaire that he is.  Any British people who think that his jumping on the ‘Brexit’ bandwagon was for anything more than short-term electoral gain should think again.  None of us should expect any favours from President Trump.  He may not put the UK to the back of the queue for trade deals, but no British person, most of all those of us who voted for the UK to leave the EU, should be under any illusions that the incoming Trump Administration will pander to the so-called ‘special relationship’ (a British invention that few Americans will ever have heard of, let alone care about).

Trump successfully marketed himself as a ‘man of the people’ knowing that his principal opponent was backed by the evil triumvirate of George Soros, Goldman Sachs and the Saudi monarchy.  Trump is, like Bill Clinton, allegedly a sexual predator, but the problem with any ‘revelations’ during the election campaign about his character is that they were nothing new, which is why they bounced off him.  In trying to find out more about his links to the Clintons, earlier this year I purchased a copy of the March 1990 edition of Playboy to read the interview with him (pp 55 – 72, excluding ads).  Unfortunately, the article doesn’t really reveal much except the size of Trump’s ego and his belief that countries which have US military bases should pay for them, his view being that the USA was ‘being ripped off so badly by our so-called allies; ie Japan, West Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea etc’.  Trump believed that if he ever ran for office he’d do better as a Democrat than as a Republican and when asked by Playboy, ‘What’s the first thing President Trump would do upon entering the Oval Office?’, he replied that he’d ‘throw a tax on every Mercedes-Benz rolling into the country and on all Japanese products, and we’d have wonderful allies again’.  Although he was most scathing towards Japan, he didn’t show any empathy for his German roots on his father’s side.


I can empathise with Americans who feel that they were left with trying to decide between the lesser of two evils in the election.  At least Americans have the right to elect their head of state, which is more than British people have ever had; and they fought Britain for that right.  So we Britons have no right to lecture them on whom they should choose.  From this side of the Atlantic pond it looks like the decision to vote was less for Trump or Clinton then a preference of which one not to vote for.  I’ll admit that I did not expect Trump to win because I thought that he had alienated too many people; and no-one who represents either Republicans or Democrats can claim to be ‘anti-establishment’.  Trump won I guess because he is willing to talk bluntly, even if he causes offence.  Now that he has been elected, he can follow the tradition of all elected heads of government in ditching a lot of his election promises (including the wall across the border with Mexico).  I am not a fan of Trump, I don’t believe for one moment that he has any moral scruples about employing cheap disposable migrant labour, from Mexico or elsewhere; and I have never understood the obsession which many Americans have with gun ownership, other than it seems to be driven by paranoia.  But then I am not a fan of the Clintons either; and it is precisely because the couple come as a package deal that Hillary alienated so many female voters so it seems; that and her belief that women should vote for her solely because of her gender, as if she were a ‘self-made’ career woman, which she isn’t.  Add to that, the pair of them are mired in corruption.  Anyway, it looks like the riots which have taken place in Trumptonshire against his election will only play into the Donald’s hands.  We can look forward to the official presidential residence becoming the Trump House (with a Trump Hotel and Trump Casino?)